Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Muslin for J Stern 0037W Blue Prints to Blue Jeans

Pattern J Stern Women's Jeans NO. 0037W

Muslin 1

SIZE 12-14

Front, adjusted front crotch curve to fit me. 12 TO front Crotch Seam 14,
side seam from 12-14 at high hip.

Back, size 12 on side seam, Back Crotch, 12 TO back crotch seam 14.

Tried on muslin, lol... could not get up all the way,,, stuck on my nice curvy thighs.

Drew with marker and pencil to straighten out side seams for adjustment to now draft muslin two, which will be only straightening side seam and adding to the front inner thigh 3/8 to knee at 1/8 inch.

Muslin 2

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