Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Juki TL 2000 QI aka TL-2000QI Semi Professional Sewing Machine

Last week I got a new sewing machine from Juki. It is the new TL 2000 QI, It was purchased from HSN on flex pay, best part of HSN. I just love my machine. It does 1500 spm. Here is the link from HSN:  Juki TL 2000 QI.

My husband and I have done a couple of tests on the machine and the performance is phenomenal. Eventually, I would like to get a Grace Gracie Frame for long arm quilting. It is compatible for this machine to be turned into a home quilting long arm machine.

Here are a couple of videos we made last night in regards to the sound and perfomance of the this machine.


I felt the speed and sound performance over all was great on this machine. It sews through many layers. We tested up to 12 layers stacked on top of each other of flannel. Very nice. It sewed as though it was nothing for it to handle the mission.

There are many parts available for this machine. When I purchased mine on HSN it came with the following accessories.

What's Included
  • Standard presser foot (on machine)
  • 1/5" quilting foot
  • Even-feed foot
  • Compensating foot
  • Needles
  • 4 bobbins
  • Exclusive Juki screwdriver
  • Small screwdriver
  • Cleaning brush
  • Oiler
  • Spool cap
  • Knee lifter lever
  • Sewing machine cover
  • Foot controller with power cord 
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty card

Value-added Accessories

  • T gauge/sewing seam guide
  • Right compensating foot 

There are more feet available on the market as well. One peice that was not in that package was the 1/4 foot quilting foot. I purchased a new one from Sew Vac Direct for fairly cheap. The shank on this machine is a High shank foot, The price was $29.99. Sew Vac Direct Juki 1/4 foot quilting foot,


One item I did recieve with my purchase at HSN as an added value was the Magnetic gauge from Juki, or otherwise know as the Magnetic guide. I tried to find out what that was, there were no videos only images on the internet. So my hubby and I as well made some videos to show others what it is, just in case they were in the same situations as me and wanted to know what it was.

Juki America did not list a description only an image, see image with link above. So, back to my mission of getting info out there for others to see and hope it helps. The magnetic guide or gauge was designed to put on the machine to help keep and accurate stitch line, for us that can not always sew straight. Here are some videos we made showing you what it does.


Juki TL 2000 QI Magnetic Gauge Part 3

I hope that these videos will help explain a little more in detail. I am one of those people who like to look and see something in action. When I was searching about the details on this machine before I purchased it, there was not a whole lot of information for this machine out there. Most of the information was coincided with the Juki TL98 series. The three machines are almost all the same. 

Gracie King and Queen Quilting Frame Overview

Later this week, I am going to my friends house to check out her Grace Gracie Long Arm frame that is compatible with this machine. One of the main reasons why I purchased the Juki, was my friend has one and she uses hers for that purpose.

Above video is a good explanation of what this Juki can do with Grace Grace Frames. GRACEFRAMES.COM gives you a lot of information out there on their frames for long arm sewing machines or semi long arm sewing machines. King and Queen size frame in video above the link is here for that. http://www.graceframe.com/site/machineframes/gracie-king. I am excited about the new potentials my new machine has to offer.

I hope that this blog has been educational as well as helpful on your journey with sewing or quilting. Please subscribe to my blog. I will be updating it frequently with different things that you may find interesting.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

365 Days of Free Motion Quilting by Leah Day

The Free Motion Quilting Project

Day Style Designs by Leah Day

Day Style Designs by Leah Day

Leah is very inspiring, one of the reasons I started this blog. She has tons of information about quilting and free motion quilting. In her blog she stated to start out own blogs and start posting our projects. 

I have learned so much from watching her videos and reading her blog. Leah dedicates a lot of time out there to others to help and educate what she has learned.

Leah works together with her husband publishing her books, blogs and Videos.

I am very excited to find out recently that in November she will have her first craftsy.com Instructional video. Please make sure you sign up for her class in November.

Please take the time to check out her sites. She is a published author with her latest book

365 Free Motion Quilting Designs

If you would like to learn more about quilting and free motion design please check out her websites. She had many videos as well posted on youtube.

Welcome to the Free Motion Quilting Project!

 Here is her Gallery site as well with many photos of projects she has done. 

Leah Day's Quilt Collection

Her projects and lectures are as well great and inspiring. 


 This is one of the projects I can not wait to jump into. Leah has made this site and this design for free.

She asks that the design she made is not copied and sold she has done this for free as a quilt along. Please respect that.

I think it is great that there are so many talented young artist out there that are willing to sacrifice there time and dedicate so much. So if you appreciate this as I do, please let her know. I am sure she is appreciative to know she has inspired others.


Thank you Leah and Josh Day!!


Free Motion Quilting Project

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mug Rugs and Tutorials

Mug Rugs.......
Love to have them, when i first heard this word, I was thinking it was a carpet on the floor, to catch a cup of coffee if it fell off the counter, or I thought it was a neoprene warmer for my coffee cup. I got educated on that one. lol....

Sewing definition: MUG RUG: It is a coaster designed to put your beverage upon and or a snack such as a cupcake or carrots, whatever your vise may be. They are not a coaster, cause coasters are generally smaller 5 x 5, rug mugs can range in various sizes. The ones I made are 8 wide by 5.5 inches.

This is my Mug Rug, I like to personalize my items to make my personality show through. I like unique and different things. But I made this out of left over scraps from a previous project.

Quilting Free Motion

Machine Quilting Negative Space 

Craftsy education online with 

Angela Walters

Learning basic and advanced free motion design, this class is great. 


Here the  lesson was practicing circles and integrating it within the diameters for small and scaling it to size with combination of designs

In the class we are learning muscle memory. Practicing on paper helps connect in the brain as well as muscle control before actually going to the machine and quilting it.





I believe I needed to practice alot before I could actually get into a quilt and start doing free motion designing. Angela pointed out during her instruction for class that the best way to practice is actually on a quilt vs. small sandwiches.

I had read alot about making a quilt and what to do, so, as you can see on the right. I did finish my quilt top.. Now ... what next.

I had started Micheal Miller Night Fairy Quilt. Had no clue at that time or understand of what a quilt journey would be.

So far it has been a very educating journey. Mistakes have been made and some had to be rectified. This is my first quilt. So, not knowing everything, I decided to spray baste my quilt with temporary adhesive to wool batting. 

Needless to say, I was so proud of myself, until, I hooked up my walking foot and said ready boots, these boots are made for walking,, lol... little humor, but anyway. Did my stitching in the ditch, with clear thread. Was looking nice, but there were puckers appearing, being a perfectionist, we could not have that, so, I decided to go and Iron my WOOL batted top,,, MISTAKE...... DO NOT IRON WOOL BATTING UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED. It matted my quilt together. Tears of anger and sadness arose.

Ok, well, this was going to be the best quilt in the world thought I would have to throw it out, then my quilting friend Zona told me what to do to save the quilt. It entailed going back and ripping out my stitch in the ditch on clear thread. Well, I wanted this bad enough, so I did. Will make a note not to do that again.

I had been taking several classes on craftsy.com on quilting and free motion, there are some good instructors on there. Some just like to brag about themselves, but I was fortunate enough to find two good classes with thorough 
instructions and hands on experience to put me back on the right track.

Machine Quilting Negative Space with Angela Walters

Beyond Basic Machine Quilting with Ann Petersen

another good class from her as well is here as follows

Quilting Big Projects on a Small Machine with Ann Petersen

Meanwhile back at the house, I am practicing on my quilt. 

To get better at drawing, last night we bought me some markers and a sketch pad.

 I suck at drawing, unless it is a stick person. I guess I am more a Picaso, lol... when it comes to my drawings.

My husband even teases me and asks me what is  that you are drawing or he says attempting to draw.. lol.....

Here is another drawing, or sketch for free motion from the class Negative space, that I would like to attempt in free motion.

This is my actual work that I have gotten done on my Micheal Miller Night Fairy quilt in free motion. I was scared, but, it is only fabric, So, go for it,,, I did,, I was really proud of myself for my accomplishment so far,

Well, I will post more on the progress of this quilt as my quilting journey grows. If you are interested, please check out the craftsy.com site. They have great classes on there.