Tuesday, October 11, 2016

(confession of a sewing machine addict)

Atlas USA AT7200-433

Made this video for a fellow sewer. Of late, I have gotten a chance to play with my machine, It is an awesome powerful machine with lots of function( way more then bargained for). My main reason for buying this machine was the CUT FUNCTION. I love my Juki DNU 1181. (walking foot industrial machine) but, I need the cut function and a machine that could sew light weight fabrics too.

I will be honest, the machine is so powerful and has so many functions, I just was too scared to use it. Was faced with a decision use it or get rid of it. Well, guess there is no project to big or small, I am going to learn to use it.

Purchased my machine of course from Atlas USA, he stands behind his product and has great compassion for his business, not something we can say we see to often. He made sure it was set up properly and got to me by a great freight company, Was delivered back in Jan of 2016.

ATLAS USA AT7200-433 AWESOME MACHINE can be purchased from 
Mr. Atlas here: 
purchase or view here

Over the next couple of months will post some more videos for the machine and the cp it is a large curve to learn
1. cuts
2. I have been able to slow it all the way down to step by step 100 spm
3. has the ability to roll back part way for foot lift
4. did I say it cuts.. lol
5. Performs great stitches
6. Mr. Atlas stands behind his products with outstanding customer care.